Pure Outboard System

Revolutionary Performance

Clean, quiet electric power. The Pure Outboard is a drop-in replacement for any boat that would accept a gas outboard between 20 and 50 HP, providing Pure responsiveness, Pure quietness, no scheduled maintenance, and longer life.

Experience Pure Outboard’s fine speed control, and the ability to shift smoothly between forward and reverse. Imagine a dramatically better boating and boat ownership experience.

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How will you use your Pure Outboard System?

Cocktail Cruise

20’ pontoon boat with 2 battery packs
 Time on water:
2 hours
Distance traveled: 
10 miles

Battery remaining

    • 74%


    18’ bass boat with 2 battery packs
     Time on water:
    3 hours 45 minutes
    Distance traveled: 
    19.8 miles

    Battery remaining

      • 15%

      Shore Ferry

      13’ rigid inflatable,with 2 battery packs
       Time on water:
      45 minutes
      Distance traveled: 
      15.4 miles

      Battery remaining

        • 27%

        Clean, quiet, maintenance-free, electric power, equivalent to 50 HP. The Pure outboard is designed as an easy drop-in replacement for any boat that would accept a gas outboard between 20 and 50 HP.

        • Propulsion: equivalent to up to 50 HP
        • Weight: 112lbs
        • Integrated power tilt/trim
        • Water Resistance: IPX7
        • Propeller: 16″ diameter 3-blade
        • Power: 25 kW (20 kW in systems with 1 battery pack)

        The Pure Battery Pack provides the most energy per pound of any marine battery pack. Built with industry-leading lithium-ion cells, it delivers instant power from a lightweight pack, enabling faster planning, longer range, and higher top speed.


        • Voltage (nominal): 350V
        • Capacity: 9.6 kWh (multiple packs can be connected for higher capacity)
        • Weight: 118 lbs.
        • Dimensions: 22.7 inches x 14.9 inches x 9.1 inches (577 mm x 379 mm x 231 mm)
        • Water Resistance: IPX7
        • Provides active thermal management to preserve battery life
        • Cycle life: approximately 1000 full discharge cycles

        Our state-of-the-art, fully integrated throttle is the control center of the Pure Outboard system, providing system control, an integrated digital display, and a connection to the mobile app. 


        • Magnetic kill switch with a floating lanyard
        • Display showing state of charge, speed, and distance remaining
        • Ergonomic throttle handle includes integrated tilt/trim button for easy adjustments
        • Connects to companion smartphone app that provides system updates and remote diagnostics 
        • Auxiliary power up to 10A
        • GPS & Bluetooth
        • Water Resistance: IPX7
        • Bottom or side mounting for flexible installation

        The Pure Watercraft portable charger is engineered to provide rapid charging for the Pure Battery pack. The charger can be kept on a dock, in a garage or on the boat, allowing for charging wherever it’s convenient. 


        • 6.6 kW DC charger
        • Configurable for 120V or 240V
        • Charges multiple battery packs together
        • Charge time on 240V: half-to-full in 90 minutes, with 1 or 2 packs
        • Charge time on 120V: half-to-full in 5 hours per pack
        • Weight: 24 lbs
        • Water Resistance: IPX6
        Your deposit is fully refundable, and pricing is subject to change, until your order is finalized.


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