We make the boating you love better.

We started this company in 2011 with a belief that boating could be made more enjoyable, accessible, and environmentally friendly than ever before. We truly want to lead a transformation of boating for the next generations to hit the water. A kind of revolutionary watercraft experience, designed and optimized for the way we live and boat now.
This novel, modern approach to motoring sets a new standard for quality and reliability, and our partnerships with hull manufacturers help ensure horsepower on our outboards is used and distributed efficiently to maximize performance. With a smooth ride and nearly noiseless energy transfer process, you can get peace and quiet on the water even when whipping around at high speed.  Plus, the added benefit of a zero emissions boating experience helps protect the waters for generations to come.
Our mission is to enable a new era in boating that is more enjoyable, accessible, and environmentally-friendly than ever before.
Our vision is to build a strong and unique culture.

Our Team

Andy Rebele


Entrepreneur, fly fisherman, father and former collegiate rower. 

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Alexander Oki

Head of Finance & Business Development

Head of Finance by day, choral enthusiast by night

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Colin Downey

Head of Operations & Supply Chain

Father, outdoor enthusiast, engineer, Operations and Manufacturing Expert


Matt Ahl

Head of Engineering

Summer chasing world traveler, dark roast coffee enthusiast and interplanetary fingerprint nomad.


Beth Tello


Singer, writer and soon to be lawyer. Pet rescuer and philanthropist

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Dalloh Chikopa

People Business Partner

Father and husband, traveler, lover of the outdoors experience and explorer

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Bonnie Vetanze

Plant Manager

Lake living, fisherman, outside enthusiast!


Jacob Johnson


Father, outdoors enthusiast, sailor, fitness nut


Ami Ho

Assembly Technician

Traveler, mom, motorcycle enthusiast and fan of trying new foods

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Lanette Santiago


Mom, Wife, Music Lover, Sushi Aficionado, and Bowler