Pure Outboard

The Pure Watercraft electric outboard motor is more than just an outboard, it is a fully integrated, revolutionary propulsion system that delivers quiet, clean, and reliable power without sacrificing performance. Engineered to deliver propulsion equivalent to 50 horsepower, Pure Watercraft’s high-efficiency electric outboards are not only emission free, but perform quietly with highest performance available.

Electric outboard motor from Pure Watercraft

Zero Maintenance

Our fully sealed electric outboard motor means there are no fluids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.

No Emissions

100% clean electric power flows effortlessly from our proprietary battery pack system producing zero emissions. No more oil or gas spills. No more exhausting noxious fumes directly into the water.

Silent Propulsion

Electric motors aren’t inherently silent. But they can be. That’s why we’ve spent years developing a proprietary gear set and motor control design to ensure our systems run quietly and with less vibration, all without sacrificing performance.

It's About The Water

​It’s time for the motor to step aside and let the world around you take center stage.
Pure Outboard Motor
Pure Watercraft designed each and every component of it’s 100% electric outboard Motor to take full advantage of the latest innovations in motors, materials and power electronics to create an elegant, powerful and more efficient alternative to the conventional gas outboard.
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Battery Pack
There’s no reason to sacrifice range and performance with our all-electric propulsion system. Our patented Pure Watercraft battery pack system delivers the most energy per pound of any battery pack in marine. Imagine instant power which enables faster planing, longer range, and higher top speed than any electric outboard system of similar power.
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Our state of the art, fully integrated throttle allows for total control of the Pure Watercraft system and unlocks the true power of our all-electric powertrain. The unit is Bluetooth enabled so updates to the system happen automatically as the hive mind of our virtual networks of outboards iterate improvements and efficiencies over time, making the outboard smarter and more efficient .
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Ready to experience boating in a whole new way?

You can place your order for the Pure Outboard system now with a deposit of $500. Your deposit will be applied toward the final purchase amount, with the balance due when your order is finalized. You may cancel at any time prior to finalizing your order. If you prefer to use a purchase order or pay by check, please contact us.