Electric Outboards.

We’ve built a better experience. Imagine flying across the water without engine noise, exhaust, or worrying about maintenance. Our electric outboard motor delivers clean, quiet and reliable power without sacrificing performance.

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Pure Outboard System

Revolutionary Performance

We've built the lightest, most power-dense integrated electric outboard system in the world in its horsepower class.

No Scheduled Maintenance

No fluids to check or fill, no spark plugs, no seawater loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.

Zero Emissions

Our electric outboard is battery-powered and fully sealed. There is no external water cooling loop, and no emissions are produced during operation.


Built with small cell, high-quality lithium-ion batteries, our packs are engineered to be strong and lightweight.


Our battery packs can be combined to provide longer range.

Rapid Charging

Our systems will charge as quickly as half-to-full in 90 minutes on a 240V outlet, or 5 hours per pack on a 120V outlet.

Pure Watercraft Highfield RIB 380 Classic Deluxe
Complete Boat Packages
Co-created with Highfield boats, these integrated boat packages deliver performance and durability with the clean, quiet power of the Pure Watercraft outboard system

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Be among the first to receive delivery of this revolutionary propulsion system. Your $500, fully refundable deposit, secures your pre-order and will be applied toward the final purchase amount, with the balance due when your order is finalized. You may cancel at any time prior to finalizing your order. If you prefer to use a purchase order or pay by check, please contact us.

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