The Pure Pontoon

Powered by single or twin Pure Outboards, the Pure Pontoon is the perfect pairing of comfort and clean, quiet power to take your cruising to the next level.

Powered by
The Pure Outboard

How will you use your Pure Pontoon?

better boating



  • Powered by 1 or 2 Pure Outboards, with integrated power tilt/trim
  • Integrated throttle/display showing speed, state of charge, and time remaining
  • Companion smartphone app, enabling firmware updates and remote system diagnostics
  • 12V auxiliary power up to 10A for on-board electronics
  • 65 kWh automotive battery pack from GM®
  • Integrated level I & II Charger supporting 120V-240V charging
  • Support for DC Fast Charging



  • Capacity: up to 10 people
  • Length: 25’9”, length overall (LOA), including outboards: 27’6”
  • Expected top speed: up to 25 mph lightly loaded, or 23 mph fully loaded
  • Range: approximately 185 miles at 5 mph, or 30 miles at 24 mph
  • Level II charge time: half-to-full in as little as 4 hours (240V/48A)